Briefs | Four out of 15 domestic cases convicted

The Court of First Instance said that it has received a total of 15 domestic violence cases since October 2016, and that eight of these cases have already been concluded, while the rest have had a trial date confirmed. The court said that four of the seen cases resulted in conviction and that the defendants were sentenced to between one and three years’ imprisonment. In two of the convicted cases, perpetrators were forbidden from contact with, harassing or tracking the victim. Three cases saw defendants convicted of ordinary wounding, with suspects sentenced to between 10 months to one year in prison.

45 greyhounds awaiting foster homes

About 45 greyhounds are still living in the Canidrome awaiting foster homes, according to José Tavares, President of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM). The IAM will provide temporary assistance to foster families, including the issuance of a temporary license. The IAM president also said that the Coloane animal specimen museum is preparing for public tender and is expected to open by the end of this year.

Lawmaker asks about street market renovation

Lawmaker Wong Kit Cheng questioned the government over the upgrading and renovation of street markets. Wong asked whether the government has a renovation plan for other markets besides the Taipa street market and the Red Market. The lawmaker pointed out that many vendors have complained about the dilapidation, inadequate facilities, and environmental hygiene problems of street markets. Wong urged the government to increase market cleansing works and to eliminate odors. She wants the government to renovate the surrounding areas of street markets to revitalize the community economy.

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