Briefs | FSM headquarters to expand

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSPOT) opened nine bids yesterday for the first stage of expansion of the Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau (FSM) building, located in the former St Francisco barracks at Praia Grande. According to DSSPOT, the expansion will see the construction of a two-story high building. The bureau has already consulted the Cultural Affairs Bureau over the design of the building. The new building will have a similar facade to the structure nearby so that it will not affect the appearance of the former barracks. DSSOPT expects the construction will begin after the Grand Prix and take approximately 280 days. The second stage of the expansion will take place after the first is finished.

New dengue fever case

The Health Bureau has revealed that a 24-year-old non-resident worker has contracted dengue fever. On September 5, he exhibited symptoms of the fever and was seen by physicians in Zhuhai and Macau. The Centre for Prevention and Control of Diseases in Zhuhai confirmed that he had contracted the disease. The site of infection remains uncertain. Apart from Macau, the non-resident worker spent time in his home in Zhuhai but did not go into any sites associated with recent dengue fever outbreaks. According to authorities, 2,175 cases of dengue fever have been recorded recently in the Guangdong province.

Cargo ship sinks near Macau during typhoon

A Chinese-registered cargo ship lost power at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday before sinking into the sea south of the Zhuhai International Airport. The accident took place when typhoon Kalmaegi was approaching the south coast of China. Information suggested that after the ship Hao Jun malfunctioned, seawater entered the deck and caused the ship to capsize. Zhuhai authorities immediately launched emergency procedures, requiring the 14 crew members to don safety vests and prepare to abandon the ship. They were all rescued by a helicopter that was dispatched from Hong Kong.

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