Briefs | Head of loan shark group handed to Macau


The suspected head of a money laundering cartel, which was busted by the Judiciary Police (PJ) two years ago, has been arrested in Zhuhai and was handed over to local police yesterday. Over four years, the cartel allegedly lent HKD25 million illegally, resulting in more than 60 victims and 200 “customers.” The man arrested is a 33-year-old local surnamed Kuan, who the PJ said was involved in profiteering, being part of a cartel and money laundering.

Officials: CNY Macau-Zhuhai travel will be uninterrupted

Zhuhai health authorities have stressed that although the mainland government has discouraged interprovincial travel during the Lunar New Year holiday, travelling between Macau and Zhuhai is acceptable as Macau is a low-risk city for Covid-19. The authorities are discouraging crowded gatherings, including weddings and banquets; and are reminding residents to monitor their health and avoid unnecessary travel outside of Zhuhai. This, however, does not include Macau.

Associations ask to retain originality of preserved buildings

Highlighting the value of the resemblance Ka-Hó Our Lady Village bears to Macau’s early industrial development, Kou Seng Man, head of two local relic preservation groups, is recommending that the government refer to national and international guidelines on preserving buildings with historic value because of their originality. Taking the group of buildings in Ka-Hó as an example, their original appearance and functions should be restored and exhibited but integrated with the neighborhood, without being over developed.

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