Briefs | Indonesian woman robbed, loses gold necklace


At around 8 p.m. on July 12, an Indonesian woman, who works as a domestic helper in Macau, was attacked by a man and found that her gold necklace was lost, the Judiciary Police disclosed. The victim reported that the necklace is worth HKD4,500. The owner of the necklace was walking along Estrada de Adolfo Loureiro with her friend, when she was suddenly attacked by a man. She helped her friend against the attacker but was beaten as well. The alleged attacker, for whom the police are still searching, left the scene after the attack. The Indonesian woman believes the necklace was taken by the man. She said that she did not know the man personally but remembered meeting him before.

Overstaying TNR charged with sexually harassing girl on street

A Filipino man has been charged with sexual harassment by the Public Security Police Force after he reportedly touched a female high school student’s bottom in Taipa at about 2 p.m. on July 11. During their investigations, the police discovered that the man had overstayed in Macau for seven years. As the 37-year-old man was accommodated by his 42-year-old girlfriend in a Taipa apartment, the girlfriend has also been arrested. The man’s indecent act was detected by the victim. He fled the scene but was later caught by the police in his neighborhood in Taipa.

Resort shuttle crashes against parking lot wall

A casino shuttle bus crashed into a wall at the exit of the heavy vehicle parking lot at the back of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Areia Preta at 1 p.m. on Monday. The driver, who is in his 50s, was not injured and passed the alcohol level test. Two pieces of concrete plates were detached from the wall. The driver declared it was due to carelessness that he crashed into the wall as he was driving out of the parking lot. The police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Macau, Zhuhai co-bust 150m-yuan smuggle

In a recent joint operation, the Macau and Zhuhai customs have busted a major smuggling group and seized goods of above 25 tons. In addition, 21 people were arrested and 150 million yuan’s worth of goods were seized. The group used small boats which had no name, certification and registration to move electronic, cosmetics and other goods from Macau to Zhuhai. It took the Zhuhai Customs approximately 20 days of observations before conducting an interception and a search of the boat. The authorities found out that two boats were used each time with one being a surrogate. The group even used a fishing net to conceal the secret cabinet, which was used to hide the goods.

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