Cases of domestic violence totaled 40 in 2023

The number of reported domestic violence cases in Macau totaled 40 last year, according to the annual report on the topic from the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).

The figure represents an increase of one case when compared with 2022 (+2.6%).

Most of the cases (26) involved domestic violence against a spouse, with victims comprising two males and 24 females.

Eleven cases against children were also recorded during 2023, as well as three other cases of violence within the household against other family members.

More than half of all violent acts recorded were physical (23), while another eight cases were related to psychological violence. Five of the cases involved sexual abuse and four involved multiple offenses such as physical, psychological, and other threats.

According to IAS, the central registration system to record suspected cases of domestic violence (the source of this data) was created to collect and analyze data on domestic violence. It allows analysis of characteristics and trends with the aim of supporting prevention and intervention efforts.

Additionally, the IAS remarked that the system also allows the bureau to easily track potential victims and provide them with rapid support.

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