Editorial | Invoking (democracy) in vain

Tuesday’s Legislative Assembly (AL) plenary session was an unprecedented and rather peculiar debate on democracy, Macau style. The “reflection” was prompted by a gang of nine

Editorial | Of eggs and paper planes

In 1970, Prime Minister Harold Wilson was being harshly attacked by the opposition Conservative Party and by many people because of unpopular tax measures he had implemented, which

Editorial | The Manchurian candidate

The plot of the popular political thriller is well known: simply put, it delves into a conspiracy to install a puppet leader in a state in order to serve

Editorial | A ruling against Vong resolution

A judge at the Court of First Instance (TJB) decided to adjourn the trial of Sulu Sou (and Scott Chiang) sine die pending a decision by the Court of

Editorial | Do the right thing

Secretary Wong Sio Chak recently said that the prosecution against lawmaker Sulu Sou has no political motivations and that the case runs its due course in the

Editorial | Pan-democrats, Hato and hate

He was bluffing. By 10pm yesterday, Jason Chao shared via several online platforms a link to a page where New Macau would announce the universal suffrage unofficial

Editorial | I vote CAEAL

“Prognostics? Only after the game.” (João Pinto, Portuguese footballer) The Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL) added another dumb rule on Wednesday to the

August to remember

The chief of the weather bureau, Fong Soi Kun, was fired for good reason. But I don’t agree with the government’s justification. Actually, he should have resigned

Editorial | Declaration of bullshit

Pardon my French, but the latest draft of the so-called electoral law, already enforced, is bullshit. First, it won’t prevent me, or any media, from

Editorial | Times run fast, faster in Macau

The notion of time is relative, ask Einstein. In Macau it is even more relative. We live within a very limited perimeter, and family, work or the leisure dimensions

Sense and sensibility

The Pearl Horizon scandal reached the absurd this week. On one side we have hundreds of desperate pre-sale buyers who have lived in distress

A confused ‘clarification’

The Public Security Police (PSP) issued a communique last Friday (Feb 3) through the official government channels to the media. The same text was made publicly available

Editorial | SAR overruled

Elected lawmakers Yau Wai-ching’s and Sixtus Leung’s mockery oaths, three weeks ago, were ruled invalid by the Legislative Council, and subsequent attempts have resulted in mayhem in LegCo’s weekly sessions.


This week, on Tuesday evening, August 30, I received in my mailbox an unusual (not unique) request from a media agency. I guess I wasn’t the only editor in that

Editorial | China, Taiwan, the SARs: Brexit

There’s a strange feeling in the air we breathe these days. No, I’m not talking about the overwhelming pollution – although we had reports this week that the situation in

Editorial | Canidoomed

We live in a world of causes, as opposed to a world of ideologies. From the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution throughout the 20th century, ideologies have marked, and marred,

Editorial | Sheriff gone rogue

In this year’s Best Picture movie “Spotlight”, inspired by the work of the investigative reporting section of the Boston Globe – exposing decades-old pedophilia crime inside Boston’s diocese – a

Editorial | Pataca unpegged or (the day I’ll leave Macau)

The peg-unpeg of the pataca to the American dollar – indirectly via the link to the Hong Kong dollar – is a decades-old discussion. Lately however, with China’s greater prominence

Editorial | Hypothermia

Cold weather all over the planet is killing hundreds, especially the most delicate: the old, the sick, the homeless, and the lonely. In greater China and southeast Asia temperatures have

Editorial | 2015: Another year on the waiting list

The city was shocked in 2015 by the tragic death of Ms Lai Man Wa, the Customs Chief, who allegedly committed suicide by asphyxiation, according to the government’s account of

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