Martin’s company was set up in 2008 to offer clients the privilege of acquiring bottles of “VDP Grosse Lage” Riesling and Pinot noir wine from the Nahe region, one-hour southwest

Even seemingly benign causes draw China crackdown

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Chastain, McAvoy make ‘Them’ a worthy trip

All the lonely people. Where do they all belong? You won’t hear that line in “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them” (more on that title in a moment), a highly

Lancet imbues new novel with vivid sense of Japan

Art, social issues, culture and, yes, war — all the things that make or break a society — converge in Barry Lancet’s exciting second novel about antiques dealer Jim Brodie,

Opera’s Kaufmann turns to lighter fare

Is there anything Jonas Kaufmann can’t do? The great German tenor has long since conquered the worlds of grand opera and classical recital. Now he turns his talents with equal

NEWS OF THE WORLD | Even seemingly benign causes draw China crackdown

More than 30 people had gathered at Beijing’s most august Buddhist temple to remember the siblings, children and parents lost exactly six months earlier when a Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared.

The Idyllic Treasure

Created by viticulturalist Henri Bouschet in 1866, Alicante Bouschet is a crossing of Petit Bouschet – per se a crossing of Teinturier du Cher and Aramon – and Grenache. Easy-to-grow,

The Korean Touch

Macau Daily Times - Are you familiar with the Chinese palate and have you ever been to China? If so, how do the Chinese react to your dishes? What is

War gives inspiration to Gaza’s artists

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News of the World | War gives inspiration to Gaza’s artists

Palestinian filmmaker Khalil Mozayen’s latest work was already complexly layered — a movie within a movie about a director and screenwriter producing a film about an honor killing in the

‘Last Days in Vietnam’ shows Saigon’s fall

There are many differences between America’s troubled exit from Iraq and its ramshackle retreat from Vietnam. But the U.S. flight from Saigon as seen in Rory Kennedy’s documentary “Last Days

No surprise the surprise U2 album shines

Everything about U2's new album “Songs of Innocence” is unexpected. Like its very existence, for one, after the Irish rock band dropped it on iTunes users Tuesday in a surprise

The Swedish Connection

Generally reliable and readily available, Grandes Marques champagnes remain dominant in terms of market share, but champagne-aficionados would be aware of, indeed delighted by, the emergence of boutique maisons over


Some might think that Lyon’s cuisine is less glitzy and glamorous than Parisian gastronomy. I could not entirely agree, because to me personally, I believe that there are sophisticated chefs

Seoul: Trains, fast cell service, palaces and food

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Akin’s ‘The Cut’ puts Armenian massacre on screen

Fatih Akin's "The Cut" is the first movie by a director with Turkish roots to tackle an issue long taboo in the country: the early 20th-century mass killings of Armenians

‘Bad Feminist’ essays are sharp, funny

Roxane Gay may call herself a bad feminist — she cops to loving pink and dancing to misogynist music — but she is a badass writer. In her new collection of

Ty Segall at height of his powers

In another time and collective mental headspace Ty Segall might have been a pop star. With his dreamy new album, "Manipulator," the Los Angeles psych rocker has perfected a sound

TRAVELOGUE: Seoul: Trains, fast cell service, palaces and food

South Korea’s hyper-efficient capital doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of exotic Asian destinations. But this mega-city offers much to tempt travelers beyond a layover from the ultra-modern

The Spirit of Japan

A linguistic rendition of the Chinese term shaojiu, shochu has been produced in Okinawa and Kyushu since the 16th century. What is now known as Okinawa used to be the

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