World Views: Who Did It? What Next?

“...and once the TAR (Target Acquisition Radar) has lock-on, this light will go green. Then just push this button here, and the rest’s automatic. Good luck!  Oh, and make sure

Insight: Burying the ‘referendum’ alive

The unofficial referendum scheduled for next month made it to the New York Times. In an opinion piece titled “Macau raises its political voice,” the editorial board of the famous

Views on Macau: Macau Raises Its Political Voice

The Editorial Board, The New York Times Democratic activists in Macau, a Chinese territory, are planning an unofficial referendum next month about holding direct elections for its chief executive. Beijing says Macau

Bizcuits: Building Pride

It seems we are at risk of losing faith in our tertiary institutions. In terms of the fabric of such an organisation, there are a multitude of destructive forces: administrative

HK Observer: Doublethinking political reform

Anyone familiar with novelist George Orwell´s portrait of Stalinist Russia in “1984,” and its origins in “Animal Farm,” may see many similarities here as the political reform process plays out.

Vox Parva: Neutrality of a football match

Football fever has been spreading across the world. This time, being held in Brazil – the football kingdom – the World Cup was seized by Germany last Sunday, defeating Argentina in

Our Desk: Shallow politics

The Executive Council (ExCo) announced last week that the Macau government will be building 28,000 public housing units and 4,000 private residential apartments in zone A as a part of

Rear Window: Sailing safe

1. If politics are always local politics, you are in the right place to observe how Macau handles rocky problems or issues – similar to the ones that the Hong

Kapok | Contentious words

Let’s be clear, from a constitutional point of view there is nothing “illegal” in organizing an informal public consultation aka survey in the form of a mock referendum regarding the

Macau Matters | Nano Blood Sampling – taking out the fear and pain

Like many people I fear and dislike injections and needles. Moreover, I am now older and the doctors seem to love taking samples of my blood, which I hate. The

VOX PARVA | Hopeful invocation of the Feast of the Chinese Martyrs

The church sets July 9 as the Feast of the Holy Martyrs and Blessed of China, or in shorter terms, the Feast of the Chinese Martyrs. It is a relatively

Our Desk: Unplug and get bored

Do you see people waiting in public venues, canteens, bus stations or even dining alone or sitting on the bus, looking down at their smartphones in their hands? Do you

Insight: It’s every man for himself

The law establishing a minimum wage for security guards and cleaners working for property management companies was approved in general terms by the AL and will now be subject to

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