CCAC finds public servant forged promotion document

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has unveiled a case of alleged document forgery involving a public servant. The suspect, who had previously attended a departmental promotion examination, altered the answers on their exam papers after the examination had finished.
It is alleged that the suspect committed the crime after noticing that the office in question was vacant in order to obtain a higher score to increase their chances of promotion.
CCAC said that a confession was obtained during the investigation. It will hand the case over to the Public Prosecution Office (MP).
In a separate issue, the CCAC has also handed a case over to the MP in which four people were alleged of repeatedly and fraudulently misapplying for the Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Funds subsidy.
Information suggested that three of the suspects were suppliers of energy-saving products. When they were applying for the Government-funded “Subsidy Scheme for Acquisition of Products and Equipment for Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation” on behalf of their clients and the provision of energy-saving products, the three were alleged to have quoted an exaggerated price for the products by submitting false quotations and invoices.
By defrauding the government, the suspects were able to gain a full, or even over-funded, subsidy from the authorities for the energy-saving products, rather than a maximum of 80 percent of the cost that the government had intended.
The fourth suspect who was involved in the case was the proprietor of the subsidized shop.
So far, CCAC found 22 application forms as evidence in the case. It was even discovered that some of the shop owners had been impersonated to declare false information without them knowing.
The total amount involved in the case reached some MOP800,000, while a total subsidy amount of more than MOP200,000 had been claimed fraudulently. CCAC said that all suspects had admitted to the crimes.
In addition, one of the suspects is currently a public servant. Although the case has no relation to their duties, they engaged in activities as a supplier by way of part-time job and also abetted others to provide false information for fraudulent purposes. Therefore, the CCAC has notified the department where the public servant involved is serving.  JPL

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