CCEC to build elderly housing project for MOP2.1b

The Elderly Housing project, encompassing a new type of public housing specifically designated for senior residents in Macau, will see its first construction project located on Avenida do Nordeste in the Northern District, the government has recently announced.
Without opening a public tender, China Construction Engineering (Macau) Company Limited (CCEC) has been appointed to the construction work, with an estimated cost of nearly MOP2.1 billion. The work is expected to conclude in 860 working days.
The government disclosed that the two towers will be built in the manner of modular integrated construction, which stacks modules atop other modules in a similar manner to interlocking plastic brick toys.
The construction company is clearing up any existing materials at the site in preparation for construction.
Passed by the Urban Planning Committee on May 20 this year, the project will be built on a land plot measuring more than 6,800 square meters. Eight days after its passage by the committee, the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau issued the Planning Condition Diagram for the project, which will include 1,800 housing units, public carparks and power facilities.
All residential units will be studio condominiums and available for rent to senior residents. Specific layouts and facilities will be implemented, such as service points and hemodialyzers. AL

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