CE moves IC chief to Science Center

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng has announced in the Official Gazette that Mok Ian Ian, the inaugural president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), has been assigned to “a position” at the Macao Science Center, S.A. (MSC). Mok’s termination at the IC is sudden, as she was set to finish her appointment at the IC in February 2023. In a separate statement, the MSC announced that Mok will be the new Chairperson of the company. It is certain that under her leadership a new page will be written in the facility’s history. Mok’s appointment to the MSC took effect yesterday.

Interest for 2021 already paid into the central provident fund accounts

The Social Security Fund (FSS) has announced that the fund’s income from interest payments for the year 2021 was credited to the non-mandatory central provident fund system’s government-managed sub-accounts on 13 January 2022, at an annual interest rate of about 1.63%. The interest is deposited once a year. If an account owner is eligible for the Special Allocations from Budget Surplus since 2010 and they have never transferred out, transferred in, or withdrawn funds from the government-managed sub-account, they will receive MOP1,416 in interest for the year 2021, and the cumulative appropriations together with the interest income will be MOP88,326.

UM holds GBA conference on translational medicine

The University of Macau (UM) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) recently held the First Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Conference on Translational Medicine together with the Fourth Macao Stem Cell Symposium. Combining both online and in-person elements, the two-day event attracted over 400 participants. During the event, participants discussed recent progress in translational medicine, stem cell research, and the clinical application of research results in these two areas, UM said in a statement. The two-day conference included three keynote speeches and 17 session talks. The conference’s review and award committee received over 100 entries, including over 70 posters and 30 research images.

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