CE promises youth to tackle housing demand and diversify industries

2 1004072014The Chief Executive, Chui Sai On, has vowed to meet the housing needs of the younger generations and develop diversified career opportunities. His remarks were made during a 90-minute talk with students from Kiang Peng Middle School and Kiang Wu Nursing College.
During the discussion, they talked about students’ future paths and social issues, such as housing and education. Chui said the government would use the reclaimed lands to fulfill the housing demand of residents. “I know that everybody is concerned about the housing issue and we have to solve this problem. We will use the reclaimed lands that were approved by the central government to fulfill the current housing demand, so that everybody can have a stable life,” said Chui.
Citing his 30 years of working experience as an example, the CE called on students to equip themselves well and form career plans for the future.
Chui stated that one of the most important factors in the government’s policy of having a diversified economy is the provision of diversified working opportunities. “Therefore, we are actively promoting business development in namely Chinese medicine, cultural and creative [industries], upgrades for traditional industries, and even new technology,” said Chui. He believes that the cultural and creative industries, as well as technology, are new career trends for young people in Macau.
Chui also called on youths to develop critical thinking skills and to pay more attention to social affairs. Mr. Chui said: “You students will soon complete your non-tertiary education, and you should have developed critical thinking and being able to give constructive opinions.”
Mr Chui also encouraged students to start their own businesses in the future, but he said it was crucial to have working experience before taking that step. GY

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