CE: Universal suffrage off the negotiation table

A proposal from the Chief Executive (CE) to promote adjustments to Macau’s political system is not currently part of discussions with the central government, Ho Iat Seng said yesterday at the Legislative Assembly.
Ho’s position was stated in replies to inquiries from pro-democracy lawmakers Sulu Sou and Au Kam San, who raised the matter during yesterday’s plenary session.
“About the political development [of Macau], currently I do not have this plan of presenting such a proposal to the central government because they already mentioned that Macau needs to be governed by patriots and so, for the time being, we cannot start this work [of developing the political system],” the CE said in reply to Sou, adding, “It’s not me [who] can decide on this matter. We need to reach a consensus in society and only after that we can initiate that work.”
Later in the evening, and as his last words before closing the session, Ho said in a reply to Au, “We need to do a retrospective and have a conjunctural view. During this legislative session [it] is not possible to conclude this work. Next year, I will think [further] about this matter,” the CE concluded. RM

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