CESL Asia: Macau ready for AI-driven processes and services

Macau is ready for further implementation of technology such as AI-driven processes and services, according to António Trindade, CEO of local energy and environment firm CESL Asia.

The firm is once again participating at the Macao International Environmental Cooperation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF), which commenced yesterday, promoting its AI facility management solution.

The solution “optimizes resource utilization and streamlines operational processes.”

Speaking to the Times, Trindade said Macau is well suited for this implementation.

“Macau is actually quite a good place to implement AI because Macau’s economy runs 24 hours a day and is quite sophisticated. However, as it is so small, there is a lot of demand that cannot be met by the limited resources,” he said.

The environmental expert noted that both the government and private sector previously relied on quick “build and discard” solutions.

However, expectations have changed globally, with a greater focus on sustainability, quality of life, and waste reduction.

“Now the world is different, and there are big changes in focus as well as big economies,” said Trindade.

“We are now making significant changes because of artificial intelligence. These systems are entirely new. You now have to do things differently, and better,” he added.

Meanwhile, he noted that AI-driven management systems can extend a facility’s usable life well beyond initial expectations of seven to 10 years through increased efficiency, predictive capability, and the ability to easily adapt to changing needs. These capabilities support sustainable resource use and improve outcomes.

The Macau government has long partnered with different global institutions to create a smart city.

According to the SAR’s Five-Year Development Plan, which kicked off in 2016, Macau aims to expedite smart city development and facilitate the integration of industries with the internet.

With the current evolution of technologies – particularly AI – Trindade believes that “Macau is well positioned to implement smart city goals through continued development.”

Although such transformation does not come overnight, the city already has access to management systems, which can aid further technological development for stakeholders.

“The processing system itself has to be relevant for its intended purpose. The people who use the data must be equipped to utilize the data effectively, as well as having the flexibility to use alternatives and make decisions for deploying potential solutions,” said Trindade.

“Macau has great potential to do this because of its sector focus on gaming and non-gaming industries, and this allows it to make these contributions for the development of the Greater Bay Area,” he added.

CESL Asia is working to leverage IT and technology expertise to enhance operations, facility management, and other areas needed to ensure buildings function as intended, including at the pre-operation design and construction phases.

The group said it has introduced quality control and health and safety IT systems to manage things like site access and safety.

In 2023, CESL Asia formalized a significant agreement with EREN Group, which currently holds about MOP15 billion in equity investment across 18 ventures focused on innovative climate tech. This joint venture will have exclusivity to promote Accenta, an AI technology. According to the group, this will enhance services provided by CESL Asia’s subsidiary – Focus –  with a solution that improves users’ comfort while reducing energy, labor, and lifecycle costs of the facilities managed by the firm.



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