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CESL Asia’s Monte do Pasto acquires new farm in Alentejo

Monte do Pasto Group, owned by CESL Asia, recently completed the acquisition of Herdade das Gregas de Cima, a 455-hectare property in Alentejo. The group now has a total of 4,200 hectares for the development of its “sustainable livestock and agriculture business,” the Macau-based company said yesterday.

In a statement, the company said that this investment “will expand the extensive cattle breeding activity, boost lamb breeding and reinforce the potential of irrigated agriculture as part of its growth strategy which will include, in the short term, increasing the internationalization of its products — live animals and True Born meat — in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets.”

According to the company, the Portuguese agricultural sector “has shown a high capacity for innovation, renewal and resilience, with a very strong commitment to grow in new markets.”

The Monte do Pasto Group, through its shareholder CESL Asia, maintains a preferential relationship with the Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China markets.

“[CESL Asia] will continue to invest strategically in projects that can leverage this opportunity and create value for the Portuguese agricultural sector, the Alentejo region and for the Macau Platform for the economic and social development of China, Portugal, the Portuguese-speaking countries and Macau in the context of the Great Bay Area,” the statement reads.

The Portuguese vice-minister for regional development, Isabel Ferreira (pictured, center), visited the farm last week to observe Monte do Pasto operations, development strategy, and investment in the internationalization of the company.

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