City ranks 3rd most expensive in world accommodation

Macau has ranked third most expensive city in the GoEuro Accommodation Price Index, which studies 150 cities and over 60,000 properties.
The index shows that local accommodation costs on average USD168 per night. A five-star hotel costs USD353 on average, while a hostel is USD35 per night. The price for a four-star hotel per night is USD247, and the price of a three-star and a two-star hotel is set at USD193 and USD162 respectively. An inn (one-starred hotel) costs on average USD155 per night – second only to NYC.
The ranking also provides the average price for Airbnb, a website for people renting out rooms or houses to travelers. On average, visitors wanting to rent a room or a house through Airbnb in Macau would pay USD213 per night, according to the index.
Airbnb prices aren’t directly comparable with hotels or hostels in this index, as GoEuro uses the average price for an entire Airbnb property. According to GoEuro, they have not factored local purchasing power into the calculations, in order to reflect real world prices, while keeping the traveler in mind.
The most expensive city listed in the Accommodation Price Index is New York, followed by St. Moritz (Switzerland), Macau, Miami, and Nassau, in the Bahamas.
For Airbnb accommodation, the most expensive city is Boston, followed by Cancun, New York, Dubai, and Macau.
GoEuro is a multi-mode travel platform based in Berlin and currently operating in seven European countries. GoEuro closed a USD27 million investment round this summer. In this index, it measured the average prices from both peak and off-peak seasons of 60,000 properties in 150 cities across the globe, gathering data on which cities have the highest or lowest prices for various types of hotels, the Wall Street Journal reported. CP

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