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Classics with a twist

Renowned for its culinary artistry, Lai Heen’s meticulously curated gastronomic journey enables it to take its place in the highly respected accolades for six consecutive years between 2017 and 2022, including the one-star establishment from MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong and Macau, as well as the Best Restaurants Awards from T.Dining Hong Kong and Macau.

Located on the 51st floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, Lai Heen, the highest Chinese restaurant in Macau, is headed by Chinese Executive Chef, Jackie Ho Hon-sing. Its unique interior design by Strickland, a design company based in Japan who has also designed The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in China and Malaysia, is known for incorporating local heritage and materials into its design, with handpicked art pieces to enhance the whole architectural style and atmosphere.

The designer’s vision of blending Cantonese cuisine with Portuguese heritage can be seen from the blue earthenware along the corridor and the patterns of the Portuguese tiles on the wall – All aiming at bringing restaurant patrons back to Macau’s ancient Chinese and Portuguese colonial past. At the entrance corridor, a featured waterfall welcomes guests with soothing sounds of water and lit-up waves, reminiscent of the old trading port of Macau. The corridor is decorated with intricate patterns hollowed out to decorate walls and ceramic vase chandeliers, creating a majestic and refined atmosphere.

The main dining area is carefully decorated with classic China vessels and decorations as well as blue glass pendants suspended from the four-meter high ceiling. When paired with the ceramic vase chandeliers, a sense of classic sophistication is portrayed. The walls are embellished with beautiful designs crafted from thousands of pieces of Azulejo ceramic tilework.

Named after different precious stones from ancient Chinese culture, the five private dining rooms are ideal for intimate and celebratory occasions, providing a truly exclusive dining venue in which to delight in the high culinary art of the hotel. Part of the main dining area are separated by a sliding partition for flexible table arrangements.

With over 40 years of experience in Cantonese fine-dining, Chef Jackie Ho Hong-sing, Chinese Executive Chef, is highly proficient in bringing Southeast Asian touches to classic Cantonese dishes with a modern twist, infusing them with exciting new presentations and flavours that promise to elevate the dining experience. Signature dishes of Lai Heen include Pan-seared Superior Bird’s Nest with Crab Meat, which showcases the marriage of premium Indonesian bird’s nest and fresh, succulent crab from Vietnam. Chef Jackie carefully steams the ingredients together with egg white in a spoon to create a delightful, bite-sized version of this classic Cantonese dish. This concoction is then delicately placed with a flavourful broth that boiled for three hours. 

Deep-fried Chilean Sea Bass Fillet with Crispy Garlic is inspired by Hong Kong-style stir-fried crabs with crispy garlic and chilli. Instead Chef Jackie prepares it with Chilean Sea Bass from the Southern Ocean near the Antarctica in particular for an even smoother texture and richer flavour. This dish demonstrates Chef Jackie’s innovation as well as his expertise with seafood, to craft the ultimate balance between its crunchiness and umami. 

For gourmands looking to further elevate their culinary journey, Lai Heen has curated an eclectic menu of wines and spirits, including a rich French Bordeaux selection dedicated to special vintages and a best-in-class Portuguese wine cellar. An extensive selection of premium aged Pu Erh tea is also available.

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