Covid-19 | Close contact reportedly found in Taipa nursery

The Kaifong’s association nursery in Nova City, Taipa, Thursday afternoon (MDT/Paulo Coutinho)

A staff member at a nursery located at the Nova City real estate in Taipa has been identified by the government as a Covid-19 close contact, according to Radio Macau.
The Taipa Neighborhood Association Nursery was cordoned off by local authorities at noontime today (Jan 13), as seen by MDT. It was rumored that the nursery saw a close contact of a Covid-19 patient in Tanzhou, Zhongshan City of the neighboring Guangdong Province.
Public broadcaster Radio Macau verified the information with the facility and it was confirmed. As per the same report, the nursery has a staff of 40 individuals, with three of them on leave today.
Children confirmed with no contact with the close contact could be fetched by their parents or guardians.
Cross-boundary teachers and students are ordered to undergo a SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid test (NAT) at the Workers’ Stadium at the Border Gate as new cases have been detected in Tanzhou.
Responding to the new cases nearby, Lou Pak Sang, director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ), said that the authorities are considering early Lunar New Year break as contingency.
According to Lou, there are 500 cross-boundary teachers and students residing in Tanzhou.

NAT validity reduced to 48 hours
The Health Bureau (SSM) has also announced that from midnight tomorrow, all entrants from mainland by sea or land will be required to hold a NAT issued with the 48 preceding hours of entry.
Non-local failing to abide with the requirement will be barred from entering Macau.
NAT for exiting Macau sees validity remained at seven days.

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