Macau borders open to Portuguese visitors: Health Bureau

Macau health authorities announced this afternoon (Friday) that non-resident Portuguese nationals will be allowed to enter the MSAR, starting May 27. According to the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre, Portuguese

Shanghai to reopen subways in easing of restrictions

The locked-down Chinese metropolis of Shanghai will reopen four of its 20 subway lines Sunday as it slowly eases pandemic restrictions that have kept most residents in

Student protest as discontent rises over China’s zero-COVID

Administrators at an elite Beijing university have backed down from plans to further tighten pandemic restrictions on students as part of China's "zero-COVID" strategy after a weekend protest at the

Shanghai says lockdown to ease as virus spread mostly ends

Most of Shanghai has stopped the spread of the coronavirus in the community and fewer than 1 million people remain under strict lockdown, authorities said yesterday,

Health authorities allow quarantine hotel bookings until August

Taking into account the arrival of the summer season, the government is enforcing new rules for booking quarantine hotels in Macau, the representative of the

Second phase of footprint record system to conclude this month

Health authorities’ bid to place footprint recording location QR codes as a Covid tracking mechanism in as many locations as possible is approaching the conclusion of

Some Shanghai businesses to reopen today, officials say

Supermarkets, malls and restaurants in Shanghai will be allowed to open in a limited capacity starting today, officials said, even while it remained unclear whether

Macau waiting for neighbors’ experience before reducing quarantine period

Local health authorities are waiting to the see the outcome of lowered restrictions in neighboring regions before deciding on similar measures in Macau, as stats prove

Foreign teachers’ special entry scheme not extended to families

Questioned as to whether teachers may bring their families, Dr. Leong Iek Hou, coordinator at the local Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that “in principle,

North Korea confirms first outbreak, Kim orders lockdown

North Korea imposed a nationwide lockdown yesterday to control its first acknowledged COVID-19 outbreak after holding for more than two years to a widely doubted claim

China fights economic slump, sticks to costly ‘zero Covid’

China's leaders are struggling to reverse an economic slump without giving up anti-virus tactics that shut down Shanghai and other cities, adding to challenges for President Xi Jinping. The ruling Communist

Education bureau to closely monitor weather impact in coming few days

Mainland weather forecasters are gearing up for bad weather and Zhuhai is facing floods over extensive areas. In response to these threats Director Kong Chi Meng of

SSM reaffirms position on zero-Covid target

Zero-Covid policy is the “best option for Macau and should be continued,” pulmonologist Alvis Lo, director of the Health Bureau (SSM), said yesterday on a TDM radio show.

China labels WHO remarks on ‘zero-Covid’ ‘irresponsible’

China today (Wednesday) defended sticking to its strict "zero-COVID" approach, calling critical remarks from the head of the World Health Organization "irresponsible." The response from the Foreign Ministry came after WHO

Health authorities hope special needs patients can be cared by family

Local health authorities hope that family members of patients with reduced mobility or that need special care can be on the frontline as their caretakers in

Shanghai re-tightens restrictions, frustrating trapped residents

The city of Shanghai is doubling down on pandemic restrictions after a brief period of loosening up, frustrating residents who were hoping a more than

Shanghai tightens lockdown despite falling cases

Authorities in Shanghai have again tightened anti-virus restrictions, just as the city was emerging from a month of strict lockdown due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Hong Kong reopens beaches, Beijing relaxes quarantine rules

Hong Kong reopened beaches and pools yesterday in a relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, while China’s capital Beijing began easing quarantine rules for arrivals from overseas.

Gov’t to reward elderly with coupons for jabs

Despite previous refusals to issue financial rewards for vaccination, the government announced yesterday that it will give coupons to seniors who receive vaccinations from this month.

Health Code drops ‘shield’ to free up space for rapid antigen test results

The local Health Code has been recently optimized to include the display of rapid antigen test results, as well as a new platform for the submission

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