Commercial spaces at Barra Transport Hub without prospective tenants

The commercial area of the Barra Transport Hub has not attracted any interest among business owners for potential rental agreements, the government stated in response to a written inquiry by the lawmaker Si Ka Lon.

Director of the Transport Bureau (DSAT), Kelvin Lam, disclosed in his response that the government has made two attempts to tender the spaces, but no interested parties have come forward.

Lam attributed this to the economic environment, but anticipates that with the forthcoming launch of the Barra Station of the Light Rapid Transit, at the end of 2023, the LRT should see an increase in passengers and users. This should “encourage business owners to invest in the commercial areas [of the transport hub],” according to the official.

Previously, DSAT mentioned in a separate response that they are currently in the process of planning new bus routes for tourists, with the Barra Hub serving as one of the connecting points to facilitate transportation for visitors, particularly those seeking a connection to the Border checkpoints.

Lam added that this project should include express or special routes linking several areas of the city to the Barra Hub. The objective is to improve the convenience of using the LRT for commuting between Macau and Taipa once the line extension becomes operational. In turn, this is expected to contribute to an increase in the number of passengers using the LRT.

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