Consul-General of Angola accused of sexual harassment

The Consul-General of Angola in Macau, Mr Pedro da Silva Feijó Sobrinho, has been accused of sexual harassment by a former consulate employee. According to a TDM report, the case has been referred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP).
A report published by an Angolan news website revealed that a top official working for the Consulate General in Macau was allegedly involved in a sexual harassment case. TDM revealed that the top official is, indeed, the Consul-General Mr Pedro da Silva Feijó Sobrinho.
According to the report, a consulate employee had filed a complaint against a top official of the Angolan Consulate in Macau, saying she had been sexually harassed during a business trip to Shanghai.
It also said that after the incident she reported the case to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Republic of China in Macau and later filed a complaint within the Judiciary Police (PJ). She is seeking compensation from the government of Angola, according to the news website.
TDM reported that the Consul-General hasn’t been in Macau since June, and is unlikely to return. However, the vice-consul – who is now in charge – said that Mr Pedro da Silva Feijó Sobrinho traveled to Angola for a three-month seminar.
The vice-consul said he had not been officially informed of the case, and refused to confirm it.
The Consul-General of Angola in Macau has been in office since 2011.

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