Corporate bits | 2017 MGS Summit titled ‘Smart City, Smart Economy’

A session at the MGS Entertainment Summit 2016

The fifth MGS Entertainment Show, ‘Smart City, Smart Economy’, will be held at The Venetian Macao from November 14 to 16.

The summit will focus on the question: “Can gaming deliver the key technological advances and financial solutions to inspire the ambitious cross-continental economic development plan?”

The summit will feature almost 20 sessions on subjects ranging from next-generation technology, government partnerships, economic investment, new territories and artificial intelligence (AI), to engaging multimedia-savvy millennials.

According to a press release issued by the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association (MGEMA), the panelists will deliver their verdicts on how the broad-based gaming and entertainment industry can deliver ‘Smart Cities and Smart Economies’.

Announcing the theme of the summit, MGEMA chairman Jay Chun said, “The Summit will piece together the process for building a model that will drive the Smart City, Smart Economy ethos across the world.”

The three-day MGS Summit will examine the pioneering forces of AI, virtual reality and online gaming, and their place alongside Asia’s sophisticated land- based casino sector.

It will also discuss the numerous ways in which governments on the Silk Road can develop and diversify their infrastructure: from the rise of online gaming and sports betting in Asia to the staying power of land-based offerings and traditional machine manufacturing compared to cloud, mobile and data-based operations.

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