Corporate Bits: CTM launches local data usage auto-suspension service

1-IMG_0221Following the recent launch of their “Local Data Usage Auto Alert Service” in February, CTM has introduced a new “Local Data Usage Auto-Suspension Service”, in effect from April 1. After the service is activated, the local data service will be automatically barred if the customer exceeds their total free local data entitlement limit, providing customers with a way to use their mobile data service at ease while being protected from extra charges.
CTM’s postpaid mobile customers whose current total data entitlement is equal to or larger than 500KB are entitled to subscribe to the “Local Data Usage Auto-Suspension Service” for free. For service activation, customers can simply key in “#129*1#” and press dial on their handset. Upon successful subscription, customers who have used up their monthly free local data usage will receive a data barring notification via SMS. After the data feature capability has been barred, a final confirmation SMS will be sent to the customer. On the other hand, customers can key in “#129*2#” and press dial for service deactivation, or “#129*3#” for a status enquiry, free of charge.
Following the recent launch of the “Local Data Usage Auto Alert Service” in February, CTM stated in a press release that the “Local Data Usage Auto-Suspension Service” is another effective and protective measure that will allow customers to better manage their use of local mobile data services, so as to further protect the right of customers to avoid excessive data charges. CTM stressed that the company will continue to fulfill its commitment to providing an excellent service experience for customers and optimizing its protective measures for mobile data services.

2-IMG_3616cam takes part in environmental fair

The Macau International Airport Co., Ltd. (CAM) participated in the ‘Macau International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition 2015’ that took place at the Venetian Macao from 26-28 March.
The company presented their plan for a new the airport environmental protection scheme. By increasing green elements, the company hopes to improve the airport environment and achieve their goal of being a “Green Airport.”
In order for the airport to achieve a sustainable development and higher energy efficiency, CAM stated in a press release that it is planning to upgrade equipment, such as replacing electrical vehicles, installing solar shading film along the curtain wall, and enhancing the air-conditioning and LED lighting systems. In addition, CAM is continuing to research the use of new energy and technologies, such as solar energy and waste recycling. In 2014, MIA achieved an Airport Carbon Accreditation at Level 2 Reduction adopted by Airport Council International (ACI). MIA will continue to strive to upgrade the facilities for carbon reduction as well as reach its emission reduction requirements as an international environmental organization.

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