Corporate Bits | Melco resorts releases sustainability report

Melco Resorts & Entertainment has released its latest sustainability report for 2018, bringing together its social and environmental achievements and ambitions under a new strategy – “Above & Beyond”. The report outlines ambitious goals, actionable targets and further enhances its disclosure around key environmental, social, and governance issues that are critical to Melco’s business.

Melco’s latest sustainability strategy focuses on meeting four key goals by 2030: To achieve carbon neutral resorts with reduction targets across a range of emission sources; To achieve zero waste across its resorts, eliminate problematic single-use plastics in daily operations and contribute to circular economy in Asia; To be the employer of choice and create the best-in-class working environment for its employees, and to be the best partner to the community both in Macau and around the world; and to inspire guests by seamlessly integrating sustainability in their experience and demonstrate a sustainable future is a better future.

The goals will be implemented across all of Melco’s operations via measures related to environmental sustainability, responsible gaming, employee and community engagement as well as governance and ethics.

USJ holds open day for secondary schools students

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) held its annual Open Day at the Ilha Verde Campus on Saturday to provide an opportunity for the general public, in particular, secondary school students and parents, to learn more about the learning environment and admissions process of the University.

The Opening Ceremony was held at 2:30 p.m. and was followed by a guided campus tour.

During the Open Day, booths with information and activities, as well as students’ works were exhibited to showcase the diversity of our academic programs and the campus’ overall environment.

The University’s professors, staff and students, of over 40 nationalities, arranged different cultural experiences for visitors, including booth games, workshops and experiments.

Teaching and learning facilities were open to the public for a glimpse of campus life, and participants also experienced what it would be like to study at USJ by using its different studios and production labs.

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