Corporate Bits | MGM launches program to explore ancient Chinese culture

Gaming operator MGM launched a series titled “Explore the Beauty of Chinese Embroidery”, showcasing the cultural craftsmanship depicted in the acclaimed period drama “Story of Yanxi Palace”, such as Chinese traditional embroidery, Kunqu opera and Ronghua (crafted velvet flowers). Visitors can explore traditional Chinese culture through art tours, costume exhibition and art symposium until December 31.

 Art Tour of the Imperial Carpets

Silk and metal-thread carpets were essential decorations in the Forbidden City in Beijing, even back in the time of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). Nowadays, there are only 300 known Chinese imperial carpets among public and private collections worldwide, of which 28 are currently displayed in MGM Cotai. This curated tour allows guests to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship involved in producing the carpets and learn about the historical symbolism behind such precious collections, as well as to catch a glimpse of the imperial Chinese lifestyle. 

 Ancient Costume Exhibition 

The intricate costumes and accessories in the “Story of Yanxi Palace” will be on display for the very first time in Macau until December 9, showcasing the delicate artistry of traditional Chinese embroidery. Chinese couture on display includes costumes worn by the Emperor Qianlong, Consort Ling, Empress Fucha Rongyin and Consort Xian, as well as a selection of Kunqu Opera costumes.

 Art Symposium on Intangible Cultural Heritage

In recent years, China’s intangible cultural heritage has shone through various movies and TV shows, advocating greater appreciation as well as passing the history from generation to generation.

MGM will be hosting an art symposium on the topic of intangible cultural heritage at Asia’s first dynamic theater, MGM Theater. Experts from various disciplines will share their insights on how to integrate China’s intangible cultural heritage into modern creative works. Keynote speakers include Mr. Yu Zheng, Executive Producer and Art Director of “Story of Yanxi Palace”; Ms. Miriam Sun, Deputy Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Ms. Bi Hong, a collector of Qing Dynasty Culture and Costumes, Mr. Zhang Bin, representative of Kunqu Opera Culture and Ms. Emily Chan, a young local director.

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