Corporate Bits | MGM presents Wuhan hot dry noodles at Macau properties

MGM is introducing a series of authentic delicacies of Hubei to the Macau public, including their signature dish hot dry noodles, at Imperial Court and Square Eight at MGM Macau, as well as Chún and Hao Guo at MGM Cotai.

These new menu items are to commemorate that Wuhan, Hubei is finally seeing lockdown measures gradually lifted.

Aside from the celebration of its proud Chinese staple food culture, MGM also hopes to empower its guests with the taste of warmth for heart and soul, and most importantly, to hearten the people of Wuhan.

Originating in Wuhan, hot dry noodles is a staple breakfast dish as well as the most iconic comfort food in Wuhan. People in Wuhan value breakfast culture as they believe it is an essential revitalizing meal as it welcomes a brand-new day.

The dish has earned an array of national gastronomic recognitions, including the title of “Five Acclaimed Noodles in China” and the first place of “China’s 10 Best Noodles.”

Made by MGM’s experienced Hubei chefs, the dish is made following traditional recipes: hand-pulled, thin and al dente noodles mixed with sesame oil, sesame sauce, soy sauce and pickled spicy radishes, and then seasoned with a handmade spicy sauce that is infused with a variety of spices and herbs.

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