Corporate Bits | Sands China announces promotions for eligible employees

Macau Sands LawsuitIn its continuing efforts to reward its team members, Sands China is announcing additional salary adjustments and promotions for eligible employees. According to a press release issued yesterday by Sands, effective on Aug. 1, qualified dealers will be promoted to pit supervisors and all level one pit managers will receive promotions.
“In view of the company’s business development, labor supply and business operation, Sands China has had a master plan geared toward further enhancing its team member structure and benefits scheme. (…) Considering the large size of its workforce, the company must ensure that each phase of its team member plan is launched with careful consideration, taking into account the ever-changing business environment, the company’s competitiveness in the business, and ensuring sustainable workforce measures,” Sands China stated.

CTM donated personal computers to macau red cross

2 CTMxRedCrossCTM donated a number of personal computer equipment to the Bo Ai Primary Schools in China through the Macau Red Cross, so as to help satisfy the IT demands of the poor regions in China and improve the education conditions of the students there. Representatives of CTM Volunteer team, including the director of Corporate Communications Eliza Chan, paid a visit to the Macau Red Cross yesterday to donate 45 personal computers. The equipment will be transferred to six Bo Ai Primary Schools in Shanxi, Shandong, Tianjin and Jiangxi of China which were reconstructed under the support of the Macau Red Cross. According to a press release issued yesterday by CTM, the computers will be delivered to the Primary Schools before the new academic year starts, and the Macau Red Cross anticipates that more than 1000 students from the above mentioned Primary Schools will benefit.
Macau Red Cross had aided the reconstruction of 71 Bo Ai Primary Schools in China over the years, so as to assist the children coming from disaster areas or the deprived countryside to continue their studying and improve the education conditions. According to the continuous assessment conducted by the Macau Red Cross, many schools are not able to acquire multimedia teaching equipment because of the lack of funding, which has impeded students’ opportunities to use information technology for learning.

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