Covid-19 | No pregnant women taking vaccine in Macau: SSM


Director of the Health Bureau (SSM) Alvis Lo confirmed yesterday that no pregnant women have received Covid-19 vaccines in Macau.
Lo’s remarks came after an announcement from Hong Kong’s Department of Health on April 14 reporting two cases of miscarriages after receiving BioNTech vaccines.
As of now, there is no scientific evidence to prove that receiving the Covid-19 vaccine will heighten the risk of miscarriage, Lo said, adding that every medical event has a certain probability of occurring.
He said that the Covid-19 vaccines have been proven to have no adverse impacts on animal foetuses; however, data is still lacking regarding any potential impact on the human fetus.
“We have to be objective; to consider and analyze any medical events, including miscarriages, after inoculations,” he said.
Different countries and cities have different guidelines as to whether pregnant women should receive the vaccinations or not. For relatively high-risk places, pregnant women are usually suggested to take the jabs, he added.
“However, considering the [stable] pandemic situation in Macau, we do not include pregnant women within our target vaccination groups, and do not provide inoculation for them for safety purposes,” Lo stressed.
If a pregnancy is discovered after receiving the first dose of vaccine, Lo said that while no special medical treatment is needed, it was suggested that the individuals do not proceed with the second dose.
Currently, the SSM prohibits pregnant women in Macau from receiving Covid-19 vaccines.
Lo calls on residents to pay more heed to their health status prior to vaccination.

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