Create a Better Tomorrow Today | MGM Extends its Craftsmanship Training Series to Promote Talent Development in Lingnan Culinary

Recognizing the importance of nurturing and passing on of the craftmanship to promote  cultural tourism, MGM, the Guangdong Federation of Trade Union and Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) co-organized the “Best of Lingnan Culinary Series”, an extension to the craftsmanship training program which the three parties kicked off last year. This series featured an array of events that focus on the culture of Lingnan cuisine, including sharing sessions and family-friendly cooking workshops hosted by experienced chefs, enabling team members of MGM’s Food and Beverage Department, as well as Macau citizens, to appreciate the craftmanship spirit that is intrinsic to Lingnan culture and to leverage gastronomy as a mean to tell the great story of Lingnan culture. 

Kenneth Feng, President, Chief Strategic and Financial Officer of MGM, said: “MGM always incorporates craftsmanship spirit into its talent development strategies. Recognizing gastronomy is an important vehicle of cultural soft power, MGM is utilizing it as an entry point to exchange skills, preserve tradition and encourage innovation to embrace the spirit of craftsmanship, which we aim to share with our team members, the industry and the local community. This year marking the second year that we have cooperated with the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and FAOM, MGM will continue working together to promote the craftsmanship spirit of cultural inheritance and nurture more skilled craftsmen in the GBA.” 

Renowned Chefs to Share Insights on Lingnan Culture and its Cuisine  

The key event of the two-day training series, “Sharing Session on Nanyue Craftsmanship – Lingnan Cuisine and Demo” was hosted by two renowned Cantonese chefs of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Wu Yuqing, Vice Chairman of Young Professional Chefs Committee of Guangdong Catering Service Association, and Tsui Wai Ho, Chef de Cuisine of Imperial Court at MGM MACAU. They brought up the dialogue of Lingnan food culture, the preservation and innovation of Cantonese cuisine based on their own experiences, as well as ways to support the recovery of the cultural tourism industry. They also demonstrated Lingnan cooking techniques in front of 150 MGM team members, members of FAOM and guests.

Nurturing Next Generation Culinary Talent

Following the sharing session were a fundamental craftsmanship course and a community workshop, the “Lingnan Cuisine Sharing with MGM F&B Kitchen Team”, tailormade for MGM team members, and the “Nurturing Little Craftsman Series – Lingnan Culinary Workshop” for local youth. The former enabled chefs from both Macau and Guangdong to share their insights in the culinary field in their city, ranging from restaurant operations, guest preferences, innovation and inherent of Lingnan cuisine, all the way to sharing each of their views on how to promote the culture with its cuisine. The latter, led by Wu Yuqing, introduced the specialties of Lingnan cuisine to participating parents and children and shared his experience in demonstrating the essence of craftsmanship in his field of profession, which allowed the younger generation to gain an in-depth understanding of the craftsmanship spirit. 



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