Crime | Man arrested after indecent videotaping

A male non-resident worker has helped police apprehend a man accused of non-consensual videotaping of a woman’s private parts at the Border Gate.
At 10:15 p.m., November 21, the worker reported to on-site Public Security Police Force (PSP) officers that he witnessed another man videotaping from beneath a woman’s skirt with his cellphone.
The police reviewed surveillance camera footage and discovered that the female victim took the escalator to the departure hall of the border checkpoint at around 10 p.m.. While she was doing so, both the suspect and the witness took the escalator after her.
During the escalator ride, the suspect laid a plastic bag on one of the steps of the escalator. He then lowered himself into a semi-squatting position. Seeing the scene unfold, the witness stopped the suspect as the escalator ride ended and called for help from the on-site police officers.
Surnamed Zhen and in his 40s, the suspect, a mainland Chinese non-resident worker, admitted the offence to the police. After reviewing the contents of his cellphone, the police officers discovered two offending video clips.

Driver apprehended for drunk driving
In a separate case, the PSP apprehended a local driver for drunk driving. The man has been sentenced to three months’ imprisonment under 18 months of probation. In addition, the driver will be suspended from driving for one year and two months.
At 5:30 a.m. on November 22, during a regular road operation, PSP officers tested the driver’s blood alcohol content. The result indicated 1.7g/L. He confessed to the police that he had consumed alcoholic beverages before driving.

57-year-old male charged with arson
A third case involved a 57-year-old male local suspect charged with arson. At 6 p.m., October 31, a fire on Avenida de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa was reported to the Judiciary Police (PJ), in which some carton paper had been burnt.
The PJ discovered a suspect by reviewing surveillance camera footage. The suspect was suspected of irresponsibly discarding his cigarette butts, which caused the fire. He admitted his actions to the police in an inquiry on November 24. AL

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