Crime | Man arrested for rape and murder of woman; buried body at Hac Sa beach

The Judiciary Police (PJ) revealed on Saturday afternoon (September 11) that they have arrested a 36-year-old mainland man suspected of raping and murdering a 29-year-old woman, also from the mainland.
The PJ said that the murder occurred when the man tried to rob the woman of HKD200,000 under the guise of a currency exchange.
According to police information, when the woman found out that she was being scammed, the suspect hit her over the head with an ashtray twice.
The woman fell to the ground unconscious, and the man sexually abused her.
After confirming that the woman was dead, the suspect then carried her body from the hotel room, where the murder was committed, to Hac Sa beach and buried it in the sand.
The investigation of the case began on Thursday (September 9) when another man from the mainland reported to the PJ that his girlfriend had gone missing in Macau.
After investigation from the PJ, the suspect was intercepted and arrested at a hotel in the Central District.
When taken into questioning, he confessed to killing the woman.
He told the PJ that he had come to Macau earlier this month to gamble and, when he lost all his money, he decided to perform a currency exchange scam to recoup his losses, which is how he met the victim.
He told the police that he met the woman on Wednesday (September 8) and, while trying to rob her, she resisted. He responded by hitting her repeatedly with the ashtray until she was unconscious. He admitted to then sexually abusing her.
Afterwards, the man confirmed that the woman had died because of his attack, and had used a suitcase to transport her corpse by taxi to Hac Sa beach. He used a frying pan to dig the hole where he buried the body.
He then took another taxi back to the casino and continued to gamble, using the money he had stolen from the victim.
The PJ investigators found the body at Hac Sa beach on Saturday, buried about 1.5 meters deep in the sand.
A large amount of blood was also found in the hotel room where the incident occurred.
The PJ uncovered that the man has a criminal record in the mainland for several cases of robbery.

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