Crime | Man attacked wife for not lowering phone volume


A 60-year-old Macau man has been accused of domestic violence after he attacked his wife, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported during yesterday’s joint police press conference.
The suspect, surnamed Ng, and the victim have been married for over 28 years, since 1992. They currently live in an apartment in Taipa together with their two children, one aged 23 and another aged 25.
On November 22, at 8 p.m., the Public Security Police Force (PSP) received a report about the case and forwarded it to PJ.
According to PJ, the wife accused her husband (the suspect) of having exhibited a “bad temper” for the past six months.
Police information showed that on November 22, the victim was in bed watching videos on her phone. When the suspect entered the room, he complained that the volume was too loud. He then demanded that the victim lower the volume so that he could sleep.
However, the victim didn’t lower the volume. According to the victim, the suspect then immediately attempted to strangle her. He stopped and the victim claimed that she attempted to leave their bedroom. However, she then said that the suspect seized her and sat on top of her in order to continue strangling her while screaming that he would kill her.
Their daughter was at home at the time of the attack and heard the fight. She came out to check on her parents and was reportedly able to intervene and stop the violence.
Later, the suspect admitted the attack to the police authority. Ng said that he was angry after his wife kicked him first.
Police records show that approximately one month ago, the suspect was accused of punching his wife. Based on current evidence, PJ believes that the suspect shows signs of domestic violence.
In addition to this domestic violence case, PJ also reported a case of school bullying.
According to PJ, on November 19, the school received a report regarding a cyber-bullying case. The victim is a female student and there are four male suspects who are all middle school students.
On October 14, someone took a picture of the girl without her consent and the picture later spread online.
The picture triggered discussion and mocking among other students and was reposted repeatedly.
On November 19, PJ identified one suspect, who attends the same school as the girl. On November 20, the police officers identified the other three suspects.
All four suspects are between 14 and 15 years old.
They all admitted that they had shared the picture online and made fun of the girl. All suspects said that they were not the one who had taken the photo.
The victim’s parents want to pursue legal charges.
The police authority has already forwarded the suspects to the prosecution authority and PJ is still investigating the source of the photo.

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