Crime | Money exchanger robbed of HKD1.25 million

money exchanger reported to the police that he had been robbed of HKD1.25 million following a money exchange scam, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported yesterday.

The self-proclaimed victim is a mainland man, aged around 40, who has been working in an illegal money exchange in town.

According to the victim’s report, he was robbed last Saturday, inside a hotel room located in Cotai.

The Public Security Police (PSP) received the man’s report at 9.30 p.m., last Saturday, and then forwarded the case to PJ.

Around 6.30 p.m. of that same day, the victim received a phone call from a stranger (one of the suspects) asking for a money exchange service involving a total of RMB830,000. The suspect gave a hotel room number, and asked the victim to exchange the money inside the room. The victim followed the man’s request and went to the hotel’s lobby along with a male friend. Upon meeting, the suspect and the victim headed to the hotel room together.

However, two other men were inside the hotel room. The three suspects tied up the victim and his friend and left the hotel room. After releasing himself from the cable ties, the victim discovered that his bag which contained HKD1.25 million inside, had been taken by the suspects.

The victim sustained two black eyes during the process but refused medical treatment. Both victims work as money exchangers.

The case is being followed by the PJ’s investigation department. No suspects have been found yet.

Last year, in April, one money exchanger was also robbed of HKD170,000; HKD140,000 in casino chips and the rest in cash. The victim was invited by a stranger to exchange money. The money exchanger was then drugged by the customer and two accomplices, and fell asleep on a sofa in a Cotai casino lobby as an effect of the drugs he was given.

Couple charged for document infringement

A local man and his wife, both aged around 30, have been transferred to the prosecution authority under the accusation of document infringement. Between 2013 and 2018, the man applied for a work permit for 20 people in total.  The man first applied for a temporary staying permit for each one of these people and, a short period after the government granted the approval, the man then canceled the employment contract. According to the police, by doing so, these employees could stay in Macau looking for other jobs. In total, the couple obtained MOP144,000.

Mainland man arrested due to rape accusation

33-year-old mainland man has been arrested following an accusation of rape, the PJ reported yesterday.

The suspect, surnamed Yang, was accused by a mainland woman in her 30s.

The two met one month ago while both were visiting Macau. After getting to know each other, both agreed to meet in Macau again to gamble on January 2.

Both the suspect and the victim were staying in the same room in a Cotai hotel, which was booked under the victim’s name. On the following day, January 3, the suspect raped the victim inside this room.

No obvious injury was seen on the victim, according to the police. The suspect was transferred to the prosecution authority on January 4.

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