CRIME | Street altercation leads to brawl with officers

The Public Security Police (PSP) has handed over a 37-year-old Nigerian man to the Public Prosecution Office (MP) after he was involved in a physical altercation with the police and allegedly made attempts at resistance and coercion, harming the physical integrity and damaging the property of others.
Police information suggested that the PSP received a report in the early hours of Sunday morning that claimed several people were fighting in the leisure area of Praça de Ponte e Horta.
After PSP officers arrived, they found eight men who were all pushing each other around. However, they all escaped in different directions after spotting the police.
Officers successfully intercepted three of the suspects but one of them, the Nigerian man, suddenly became resistant and assaulted the police, while the other two men attempted to flee the scene.
Whilst struggling with the police, the Nigerian was alleged to have attempted to snatch the baton of one of the officers and to have caused damage to the uniform of another.
He then attempted to escape again and was eventually subdued by the reinforcing officers.
PSP claimed that the incident caused injuries to its staff.
The Nigerian man later claimed that he was in an argument with the other men at the square, but said there were no physical altercations.
The man also claimed that he only ran away from the police out of fear and denied assaulting the officers or snatching the baton.
In addition to this, the Judiciary Police (PJ) also caught a mainland man who was alleged to have raped a Hong Kong woman.
PJ revealed that the suspect and the victim met each other in June this year and had been conversing through a mobile phone app since then.
During their chat, the woman revealed that she had some credit card debts and was having trouble with her mobile phone, which she said was broken.
In the early hours of September 21, the man contacted her and claimed that he was going to give her a new phone and some cash to pay her debts.
The two met at a casino in Taipa, where the man told the woman that he left the money behind in his hotel room.
After the two arrived at the room, the man allegedly raped the woman and forbade her from leaving.
Eventually, the woman escaped. She sought help from the security staff of the hotel and later notified the police.
During their investigation, PJ found that the man had been involved in another rape case in May 2012.
The man has been handed over to the MP. JPL

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