Croupiers worried about Hong Kong patrons

In its petition, the New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association also expressed safety concerns about the upcoming flow of Hong Kong patrons should the intercity border reopen.
The president of the association Cloee Chao told the media yesterday that the croupiers, who interact with bettors within a 1-meter radius at gaming tables for extended periods, are particularly at risk of contagion.
She urged the government to give more details of the regulations designed for gamblers coming from Hong Kong.
The situation has worried not only casino staff, but the mainland patrons at the casinos have also been distressed about the possible interaction between Hong Kong bettors in the area, she pointed out.
“We think [the government] should dedicate a special area to only cater to the people holding blue health codes [Hong Kong travelers], and should prohibit them from entering other zones accessible for people with green health codes,” she suggested.
The association recently received complaints from some croupiers working in VIP rooms that the management bribed them with MOP300 to not report some gamblers breaking the regulation and smoking in the room without their masks on.
On July 1, the Macau government unveiled a set of proposed “mask-on” restrictions imposed on Hong Kong visitors. They include hotel floors designated exclusively to accommodate Hong Kong tourists, a ban on entering swimming pools, bars and karaoke parlors, and other measures.
However, the authorities said there have not finalized the measures for hosting Hong Kong gamblers on casino floors, but they are negotiating with casino operators on the details for allowing Hong Kong tourists to enter casino areas safely.


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