Crowds at the Border Gate as Zhuhai restrictions eased

Several hundred people were seen lining up yesterday before noon, when the major restrictions were scheduled to be lifted. Many had suitcases with them as they eagerly waited to cross the border.
The Workers Stadium nucleic acid test (NAT) station, located near the border gate, had people lining up at 7 a.m. so as to skip the crowds due to the lifting of restrictions. One citizen suggested that there should be more NAT stations located around the area for convenience, so travelers could get home quicker.
Border restrictions in Zhuhai were lifted yesterday for people who have been in Macau. Travelers no longer need to quarantine when going to Zhuhai but are required to present a negative nucleic acid test valid within 48 hours. They also do not need to be vaccinated.
Most are happy that restrictions have been lifted and borders have been reopened.
“I haven’t been able to work for the past two weeks, so it’s been a little tough financially, but I’m happy to be able to work again,” said Chung, who lives in the Mainland and works in Macau.
A Macau resident, Lao, was especially happy as her place of residence is undergoing renovations. She can return to her home in Zhuhai temporarily as a getaway.
Some people were indifferent about the restrictions easing at the borders. “I work in Macau and live in Zhuhai, but I had no issues staying here to work during the lockdown,” said a woman surnamed Mak.
Measures for entering Macau from Zhuhai remain the same. A NAT with a validity of seven days is required. Whereas, in order to enter Zhuhai from Macau, a NAT valid within 48 hours is required. This excludes those who were in close contact with Covid-19 cases and have not completed seven days post quarantine, residents who live in red and yellow zones that were lifted within the last 7 days, as well as high risk workers who have not completed 14 days post-work. Staff reporter

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