Decorations 2017 | 42 individuals and institutions received decorations last week

The ceremony to award the Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit to the recipients was held last week at the Macau Cultural Center.

According to the government, “the Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit awarded for 2017 by the MSAR are being given to 42 individuals and organizations in recognition of, respectively, achievement, outstanding contribution and distinguished service.”

The list follows recommendations from the Committee of Nomination of Medals and Honorary Titles.

The awards for Decorations of Honour include the Decoration of Honour – Grand Lotus; the Decoration of Honour – Golden Lotus; and the Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus. “Such awards are for individuals or entities that have made outstanding contributions to the image and reputation of the MSAR,” a note from the government explains.

This year the highest honour was the Golden Lotus awarded to Choi Lai Hang, recently appointed as coordinator for the Security Forces Co-ordination Office.

Decoration of Honor – Silver Lotus was awarded to two businessmen, Lei Loi Tak and Vong Kok Seng.

The awards, which were announced on December 19, also include seven types of Medal of Merit, covering professions, industry and commerce, tourism, education, culture, philanthropy and sports as well as medals for Distinguished Service.

Secretary Sonia Chan officiated the ceremony in lieu of Chui Sai On.

Decoration of Honour – Golden Lotus – Choi Lai Hang

Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus – Lei Loi Tak

Decoration of Honour – Silver Lotus – Vong Kok Seng

Medal of Merit – Professions – João Augusto Gil de Oliveira

Medal of Merit – Professions – Zhao Guoqiang

Medal of Merit – Professions – Iau Kam Hoi

Medal of Merit – Professions – He Haiming

Medal of Merit – Industry and Commerce –
Tai Fung, S.A. Bank (Zhou Peng)

Medal of Merit – Industry and Commerce – Estrada para Veículos Ki-Kuan, Limitada (Zeng Yunqiang)

Medal of Merit – Industry and Commerce –
Fong Son Kin

Medal of Merit – Tourism – Lawrence Ho Yau Lung

Medal of Merit Tourism – Luís Lui

Medal of Merit Tourism – Lam Chan Kuok

Medal of Merit Education – Lei Heong Iok

Medal of Merit Education – Vong Chuk Kwan

Medal of Merit Education – Lo Sio Va

Medal of Merit Culture – Associação dos Escritores de Macau (Lei Kun Teng)

Medal of Merit Culture – João Vicente Botelho Guedes

Medal of Merit Culture – Chou Cheong Hong

Medal of Merit Culture – Poon Kam Ling

Medal of Merit Philanthropy – Instituto de Acção Social (Vong Yim Mui)

Medal of Merit Sport – Associação de Reabilitação “Fu Hong” de Macau (Maria de Fátima Ferreira)

Medal of Merit Sport – Selecção de Dança de Dragão e de Leão de Macau (Cheang Kuok Hang)

Medal of Merit Sport – Federação de Karate-do de Macau (Che Kuong Im)

Medal of Merit Sport – Eduardo Armando de Jesus Junior

Medal for Valor Equipa de Mergulhadores dos Serviços de Alfândega de Macau (Ip Kuok Pang)

Medal for Valor Grupo de Patrulha Especial do Corpo de Polícia de Segurança Pública (Wong IoLong)

Medal for Valor Equipa de Operações Especiais de Socorro do Corpo de Bombeiros (Fong Sio Meng)

Medal for Valor Centro de Prevenção e Controlo da Doença dos Serviços de Saúde (Lam Chong)

Medal for Community Service – Choi Chun Heng

Honorific Title – Merit Loreto Jr. de Guia Mijares

Honorific Title – Valor –Cheong Heong San

Honorific Title – Valor – Lam Kai Heng

Honorific Title – Valor– Chan Sio Man

Honorific Title – Valor– Chau Hou Tin

Honorific Title – Valor– Secondary School Pui Ching (Leong Chon Hou)

Medal of Merit – Dedication – Equipa de Fiscalização do Centro de Segurança Alimentar do Instituto para os Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais (Cheong Kuai Tat)

Medal of Merit – Dedication – Sou Tim Peng

Medal of Merit – Dedication – Lao Wai Han

Medal for Community Service – Augusto Nogueira da Associação de Reabilitação de Toxicodependentes de Macau

Medal for Community Service – Associação dos Jovens Cristãos de Macau (Kuan Sok Leng)

Medal for Community Service – Gabinete Coordenador dos Serviços Sociais Sheng Kung Hui Macau (Canon Peter Douglas Koon Ho-ming)

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