DSES reminds about safety in HK, Macau students condemn HK police

Sou Chio Fai

The Higher Education Bureau (DSES) director has cautioned Macau students who are in Hong Kong to maintain their distance from the violence.

During yesterday’s TDM radio program, director of the Bureau, Sou Chio Fai urged Macau students who are in Hong Kong to pay attention to their safety and try to stay in their dormitories or keep to safe places. He wants Macau students to maintain communications with their parents, to keep far away from “violence,” to listen to the universities’ instructions, and to obey other special measures taken in Hong Kong.

The tertiary education authority will continue contacting the Macau students’ union in Hong Kong to learn about the current situation in Hong Kong.

Although Sou regards the Hong Kong situation as unsafe, a group of Macau students wrote a letter supporting Hong Kong students and condemning the Hong Kong police authority.

According to a letter published by Stand News, a group of self-identified Macau students condemned the Hong Kong police force’s attack at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and expressed their sorrow for students of the university.

The letter says that the group of Macau students are witnessing these attacks and will remember them.

“The authorities saw this situation and remained indifferent and still ignore the demands of the students and Hong Kong people, and hopes to conclude the fight with results of the June 4, 1989,” the letter reads.

The students believe that the Hong Kong government’s actions will not force the Hong Kong people to back down but will only make Hong Kong people more united.

“We know that we are unable to support Hong Kong students. Even if we don’t have the ability, we will no longer be silent. We hope this letter can express our support to the Hong Kong people, especially the Hong Kong students who are fighting for democracy and freedom and who are fighting against tyranny,” the letter reads.  JZ

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