Education bureau approves TIS as licensed, authorized independent school

The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau now recognizes The International School of Macao (TIS) as a licensed and authorized independent school in the SAR.
According to a statement posted on the school’s website, the school recently applied for a change in status which has been approved.
Mark Lockwood, head of the School, remarked in the statement, “This initiative […] will allow TIS to operate outside of the Macau educational framework and provide greater flexibility in expanding the school’s international focus.”
The change in status will come into effect for this current 2019-2020 academic year. However, Lockwood assured that the school foresees no significant disruptions to the day-to-day school operations and existing protocols.
In terms of its student subsidies, the school noted that it would continue to provide annual subventions for Macau residents. Scholarship opportunities will also be continued.
In terms of the school’s Extra Curricular Activities, Lockwood noted that student participation in DSEJ sports leagues, competitions, art programs, and other activities will not be affected and will continue as normal.
TIS’s tuition fees for this academic year will also remain unchanged. “The Board of Governors is sensitive to the impact on families of any fee adjustments. Moving forward, TIS will remain a non-profit school and we can assure parents that future fee adjustments will be made according to our past guiding principles,” the school noted.
Currently, the school’s tuition fee starts at MOP90,000 annually for Pre-Kindergarten up to MOP126,000 for Grade 10-12 students.
In addition to meeting the licensing requirements prescribed by the DSEJ, TIS will continue to be held to a high standard of accountability by Alberta Education and the Macau Government. TIS undergoes an annual accreditation and accountability process that includes on-site inspections, classroom observations, interviews with parents, staff and students, as well as participation in the annual Accountability Survey and submission of the Annual Education Results Report and 3 Year Plan. Students will also participate in standardized exams at grades 6, 9 and 12.
According to the statement, the school will host a Parent Information Session tomorrow to provide more details regarding the new TIS status.
The international school is accredited by the Education Ministry of Alberta, Canada and follows the Alberta curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. LV

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