Elections 2021 | CCAC receives 30 complaints on election nomination

Since the commencement of the parliamentary election nomination period, the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has received 30 complaints as of Saturday, commissioner of the CCAC Chan Tze King disclosed yesterday.
The nomination period started on March 11 and will end on June 15.
Chan added that there were not many cases considered as an “apparent violation”. Many of these 30 complaints, he said, were caused by misunderstanding the “manner of handling of an incident.”
In response to the situation, the CCAC will gradually roll out meetings and discussions with various entities, to ensure all matters related to this year’s Legislative Assembly Election proceed legally.
The commissioner reminded prospective participants in the election to be attentive and cautious regarding legal stipulations.
On the other hand, the corruption watchdog has also conducted 900 rounds of supervision, of which less than 10% required intervention. The supervisory work was related to activities organized by different entities.
Chan explained that the rundown of or discourse presented at certain activities might cause confusion to participants or spectators. “The CCAC hopes such confusion will not happen,” Chan said.
The CCAC, Chan observed, tends to intervene prior to the deterioration of a matter into a clear or severe problem “so that no problem will occur.” Meanwhile, 60 enquiries have also been received by the CCAC.
On the topic concerning falling tiles at two subsidized housing estates, respectively located on Taipa and Coloane, Chan assured that investigations are ongoing. Noting that no update has been received recently, the commissioner explained that the scope of the investigation is wide, as the case affected quite a number of buildings. The case also has a high level of technical intricacy, making the investigation more time-consuming. AL

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