Elections 2021 | NAT or vaccine mandatory for list speakers

The Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL) has issued the final guidelines for the election campaign, taking into account the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 prevention and control measures.
Campaign activities will take place from midnight, August 28 until midnight, September 10, in 18 designated locations around Macau.
According to CAEAL information, such venues will be fenced with metal barriers to physically isolate them from public space and have specific entry and exit places so that prevention and control measures can be enforced.
The CAEAL remarked that in addition to ensuring body temperature measurements are taken, social distancing must be maintained with at least one meter between participants and at least two meters from the stage.
Access to the venues will be limited. For the members of the list to give speeches without the use of a facemask, they must have evidence of a valid negative nucleic acid test (NAT) result or have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine at least 14 days before the date they enter the venue.
These requirements will be verified by staff from the lists campaigning, who will require participants to present a green health code and have their temperature checked.
To ensure that social distancing is effectively implemented, the 18 venues will also have a capacity limit.
Campaigning lists are also responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of all equipment after the activity, ensuring that all participants wear masks and providing backup supplies of protective equipment along with liquid soap and other cleaning products as required.
The CAEAL also noted that if it detects any failures to comply with the guidelines, it may suspend the lists’ use of the campaign venues.

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