Elections2021 | CCAC following up on ‘a few’ electoral offenses


The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) is following up on complaints received concerning election-related offenses, commissioner Chan Tsz King said yesterday while voting in the Legislative Assembly elections.
Chan noted that, since the beginning of the election, the CCAC has carried out over 8,000 inspections, and are generally pleased that this year there has been, for the time being, a reduced number of registered offenses.
So far, the CCAC has initiated 25 criminal investigation processes, including three cases which the corruption watchdog says demonstrate strong signs of irregularities, involving electoral corruption and violation of neutrality. Chan remarked that the investigations on such cases are ongoing.
Responding to questions from the media regarding the value of some items offered as electoral propaganda, Chan said that the CCAC will evaluate each case individually and according to the specific circumstances. He added that, in some cases, warnings were immediately issued by the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL) to stop the distribution of such items.
Regarding the case in which a person is suspected of offering money in exchange for votes, the Commissioner said that he has received the complaint from the CAEAL, along with other complaints that will be dealt with according to the proper legal procedures.
Chan also remarked that a portion of the complaints received by the CCAC lack concrete evidence in the facts stated, and thus an in-depth investigation is necessary to ensure if the cases occurred.

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