EV association seeks cooperation in Suzhou

The Macau Electric Vehicles Association (MEVA) recently visited the Suzhou plant of Chinese motor vehicle manufacturer Qiantu. The parties seek to collaborate in the Guangdong-Macau Intensive Cooperation Zone in Hengqin with regard to marketing, sale space and racing. The sale of Qiantu vehicles in Macau and the integration of Macau’s racing culture into the vehicles’ design were also discussed. A local comic author has entered into an agreement with the brand to release co-branded merchandise in Shanghai and Macau.

Fire bureau hosts sessions to train fire safety manager

As a new law on fire safety will come into effect in August, the Fire Services Bureau (CB) has recently organized workshops targeting local associations. The new law requires all buildings to have a fire safety manager accredited by the CB. At the sessions, the CB highlights focal points of the new law, such as how security companies can help the CB conduct checks, the enforcement scheme stipulated in the new law and the operational instructions for fire safety equipment. The workshops are open to the public, the CB added.

Top court rules compensation should be proportionate to actual loss

Final judgement has been passed on the case of a family dispute regarding the sale of a property in 2014 which saw the mother suing her son and daughter-in-law for compensation as the couple sold the property, which was legally co-owned by the mother and her son, without the mother’s consent. The property was sold for MOP3.19 million. The first court ruled that the son and his wife should pay the mother MOP3 million in compensation and legal interests. After an appeal was not entertained by the second court, the case was appealed to the top court, which upheld the judgment of the first court and noted that the property could have been sold for at least MOP5.99 million.

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