ExCo completes discussion on LRT safety law

The Executive Council (ExCo) has completed its discussions on safety issues relating to the near-ready Light Rapid Transit (LRT) transportation network.
The Transport Bureau (DSAT) is responsible for monitoring systemic safety of the LRT, while the railway operator is responsible for safety on the network.
The light rail operator must set up a safety management system and is obliged to submit safety reports.
The operator should also set up a plan to resolve malfunctions and emergencies, and make reviews of and adjustments to the plan every year. In case of an emergency which requires suspending LRT operations, the operator must inform the DSAT immediately.
The bill suggests that the operator must submit a report to the DSAT within 24 hours after the occurrence of an accident and 12 hours after an incident.
According to the DSAT director, Lam Hin San, since incidents are generally not serious, the operator should be able to submit a report within 12 hours. In case of accidents, the situation may be more serious, meaning that more time may be needed to submit the report, hence 24 hours is given to the operator.
The operator has already submitted safety instructions to the DSAT for approval. According to Lam, the instructions will not be disclosed to the public as they may contain confidential information related to the operations.
In the future, whenever necessary, the DSAT can invite experts outside of Macau to provide support to the LRT operation, with the authorization right being reserved for the bureau. JZ

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