Exhibition presents rich history of Chinese art and culture with charitable cause

Renowned Chinese artist, Water Poon, is showcasing his artworks at the Sands Gallery – an art exhibition space that is strategically positioned to attract art lovers and inspiring artists to the Macau SAR.

A versatile artist, Master Poon is offering art lovers an extraordinary aesthetic experience through his varied art forms through the ongoing exhibition: 101 Bowls – An Art Exhibition Featuring Water Poon’s Art & Romy Cheung’s Fashion. 

With the unprecedented demand for shared experiences, Sands China is once again hosting an exposition at the gallery – this time, for a charitable cause. 

With a theme of “Full of Content, Full of Love,” the exhibition was created as a labour of love by Chinese artist Water Poon and Romy Cheung. 

In this new state-of-the-art space, Poon is showcasing over 40 ceramic bowls, some themed on the 24 Chinese solar terms, alongside one-of-a-kind folk art costumes designed by Cheung.

Some of the costumes feature traditional Nantong blue calico from Jiangsu province, incorporating modern design into traditional materials to demonstrate the power of guochao, or the rising China cultural tide.

Poon has long worn many hats: artist, photographer, designer and film director.

The exhibition has toured in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Dongguan, with donations made to respective NGOs for youth education along the way, and Poon could not be more proud – expressing his eagerness to continue his partnership with Sands China.

For the Macau exhibition, 10 of Poon’s bowls are being donated for a charity sale, with all proceeds going to Rainbow Road, a project to help rural teenagers, especially those in ethnic regions of China, enhance their artistic abilities and promote the transmission of the cultural and artistic heritage of ethnic minorities.

“I am very excited to present these works from the ‘101 Bowls’ series at Sands Gallery. Art is a pillar of culture, and it is an honour to be able to present the rich history of Chinese art and culture with this exhibition,” said the artist.

The showcased bowls not only serve as a container, but as a medium to spread love and goodwill to the community. 

“I’m even happier that my art can turn into goodwill by nurturing the youth in rural areas of China to learn about and appreciate arts,” Poon explained.

“My gratitude goes to Sands China for their support and for helping raise visitors’ awareness of Chinese art at its properties, and to all philanthropists who have supported this initiative,” he further added.

The artist explains that the idea of “101” represents reunification after the achievement of consummation, returning to the starting point, and not forgetting the original intention, which is the communication of love and goodwill via the bowls as the medium.

Also inspired by the mantle and alms bowl of a Buddhist monk, the bowls and clothing on display showcase the truth, goodness and beauty of nature.

The ongoing exposition is part of Sands China’s ongoing commitment to the diversification of art and culture, providing a platform for promoting extensive exchange and cooperation among local and international art talent.

As a large-scale resort operator, Sands China has long been heeding the government’s call to step up efforts to diversify Macau’s offerings, as well as to bolster the city’s economic diversity, especially in these trying times. 

For the president of Sands China, Dr. Wilfred Wong, there is indeed no limit to the artistic form that the gallery at Four Seasons is willing to host.


“By bringing exhibitions like this to Sands Gallery, we hope to contribute to Macau’s positioning as a multicultural exchange and cooperation base between Chinese and Western culture,” said Dr. Wong. 

For Dr. Wong, residents and visitors now have the opportunity to explore an ever-changing variety of art exhibitions at the permanent art space on the 6th floor of The Grand Suites at Four Seasons.

“It is up to the individual curators to see how to make use of the space in the best way possible. […] We’re hoping that each year, we’ll have at least five to six major exhibitions that each lasts for a month or a bit over,” said the top executive. 

Sands China is also grateful to the Macao Liaison Office and the Macau SAR government for their continued guidance and support.

101 Bowls – An Art Exhibition Featuring Water Poon’s Art & Romy Cheung’s Fashion at Sands Gallery is open to the public 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily April 28-May 29, 2022.

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