Special Exhibition of “Art Macao:Macao International Art Biennale 2023” | The Art of Hsiao Chin


Ready to experience a one-of-kind art exhibition in Macau? Under a new curatorial concept of “ART-TECH-TAINMENT,” art, technology, and entertainment converges at “To Infinity and Beyond – The Art of Hsiao Chin” Special Exhibition at MGM COTAI. Modern Abstract Art Master Hsiao Chin has been acclaimed as the one of the most significant post-war abstract masters for the past six decades, his art embodies the energy, love and blessings of the universe, integrating traditional Chinese philosophies with Western aesthetics. Featuring Hsiao’s museum-level masterpieces, some of which are unveiled to the public for the very first time, the exhibition is regarded as the most alluring and vital station in Hsiao Chin Exhibition World Tour.

The exhibition venue creates a new artistic universe with the dynamic state-of-the-art black box space, features a pan- oramic 900-square-meter ultra-high-definition 4K LED display screen, immersing audiences into Hsiao’s artistic universe through the integration of cutting-edge technolo- gies. The 8 zones of the exhibition, echoing the symbol of infinity “∞”, starts from Hsiao’s physical art masterpieces to interactive multimedia explorations.

One of the most remarkable experiences is “Space Travel” which showcases Hsiao’s first art film through Asia’s largest state-of-the-art panoramic LED screen. Other highlights include “Origin of Chi”, which explores the vitality of the orig- inal energy in nature through interactive digital installations, physical movements of audiences are transformed into end- less energy, just like the brushstrokes and colors in the artist’s “Chi” series. The multisensory journey continues at “Samantha’s Eternal Garden”, where artworks centered on the intimate dialogue between Hsiao and his daughter are presented through VR experience, accompanied by the artist’s favorite Italian opera melodies.

As an extension of the exhibition, there is a Digital Art Jam- ming experience at MGM Lion Lobby where visitors can create their own digital artwork by exploring unique elements in Hsiao’s art. In addition to a series of creative daily life souvenirs, limited lithographs and prints, bringing good wishes into the daily lives.
The Special Exhibition opens to the public until September 24 with free admission, scan the QR code to embark on an extraordinary ART-TECH-TAINMENT experience and space travel journey of art at MGM Theater, MGM COTAI.

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