Figo and Kaka in Pakistan to launch World Football Stars event

Football greats Luis Figo and Kaka arrived in Pakistan yesterday to launch the World Football Stars event in a country more known for its cricket.

A private England-based group, Touchsky Group, will organize the event in late April in Karachi and Lahore with an aim toward portraying a softer image of Pakistan around the world.

“We know football is not the most popular sport here, it’s cricket right?” Kaka asked with a smile. “But I think the door is opening […] to give these youngsters another opportunity not just for cricket but also for football.” Figo, who like Kaka was visiting Pakistan for the first time, said the duo will bring with them 10 football greats for the event.

In a similar venture, another private group organized exhibition matches in 2017 and brought in many international stars like Ryan Giggs and Ronaldinho.

Pakistan, a country of more than 220 million people, is ranked No. 199 by FIFA. But soccer is gaining popularity, especially among the youngsters in big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. AP

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