DSAT: Summer roadworks to affect traffic

The large amount of roadwork taking place over the summer holidays is expected to have a substantially negative impact on traffic flow, particularly in the Areia

CTS: Online booking requests for new China travel permit surpass 400

China Travel Service (CTS) has already processed over 400 online booking requests for China travel permits within the next 28 days as of 9:30 a.m. yesterday.

Restaurants demand takeaway platform fee regulations

The rise of food delivery platforms in Macau has created a new set of challenges for local restaurants. Several of the city’s industry associations are

Zone A and Peninsula flyover construction finishes October

The construction of the flyover (A2) between Zone A of the new landfills and the Peninsula is set to conclude in October this year, Wong

Websites of Office of the Secretary for Security targeted in a cyber attack

The Office of the Secretary for Security’s websites were the target of a cyber attack yesterday, as confirmed by a statement released by Wong Sio Chak’s

Landfills brim with textile waste as fast fashion reigns and recycling takes a back seat

At a factory in Zhejiang province on China’s eastern coast, two mounds of discarded cotton clothing and bed linens, loosely separated into dark and light colors,

FDCT: Macau’s labs achieve ‘remarkable breakthroughs’

In a  display of scientific prowess, Macau has established itself as a center for cutting-edge research, boasting four state key laboratories within its higher

António Leong wins Architectural Photography Competition 2024

Ant0nio Leong has won this year’s Macau Architectural Photography Competition organized by CURB – Center for Architecture and Urbanism. The results of the competition were

SAR drug abuse conference July 18

The “Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders” conference, scheduled to take place at the University of Macau on July 18 to 19 will gather approximately 20 experts specializing in

270,000 visit MGTO Malaysia roadshow

The Experience Macao roadshow in Malaysia has engaged a total of 268,000 spectators over four days, according to the Macao Government Tourism Office. Held at the Blue Concourse

Fraudulent firefighter sacked

A firefighter involved in a luxury watch fraud case has been dismissed from his post. The Office of the Secretary for Security announced that the Fire Services Bureau

Association: Low-cost tours are low value, incite smuggling

Local leaders have urged the government to ban low-cost tours amid fears of smuggling and reputational damage. The president of the Macau Regional Development Promotion

Man busted for transporting drugs from Hong Kong

A 43-year-old local has been apprehended for allegedly purchasing narcotics in Hong Kong and transporting them back to Macau. Law enforcement officials confiscated 6.02 grams of methamphetamine, valued

Citi expects big six EBITDA to remain strong

Investment bank Citi has stated it expects the combined EBITDA margins for Macau’s six gaming concessionaires to have remained strong in the June 2024 quarter, at approximately 28%,

IAS to maintain current subsidy scheme for caregivers

The Social Welfare Bureau said it will maintain the current subsidy scheme for caregivers without any modifications. Director Hon Wai confirmed that the government will continue to assess

Eviction for problem tenants with three months unpaid rent

The government plans to revise the requirement for initiating the simplified eviction process from five months’ rent arrears to three months. The deposit will no longer

Cotai Water Jet launches two cruise routes for tourism

Cotai Water Jet is launching two new “Macau Cruise Tour” routes starting in August, offering travelers maritime voyages and unique travel experiences. The “Macau Cruise Sightseeing Route”

MGM junior lion dance summer class marks 10th anniversary

The “MGM Junior Lion Dance Summer Class” is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, marking a new milestone in MGM’s commitment to preserving traditional Chinese culture. Applications

Views toward China diverge between rich and middle-income nations

Global views toward China appear to be divided between high-income and middle-income countries, and the gap apparently is the widest among China’s neighbors in the Indo-Pacific

China and Bangladesh reaffirm their ties as territorial and economic issues rise in region

China and Bangladesh are reaffirming their ties during a visit by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to Beijing on Tuesday as tensions rise in the region

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