Former VIP room staffers caught exchanging fake chip

Two former employees of a casino VIP room that ceased operations have been detained by the Judiciary Police (PJ) after attempting to exchange a forged gaming chip for cash at a cashier of a casino in Cotai, a PJ spokesperson informed.

The case occurred on May 5 around 4 a.m. when the first suspect, a 40-year-old male resident approached the casino cashier trying to exchange the gaming token with a facial value of HKD100,000 for cash.

The fake chip was immediately spotted by the cage staff that call the PJ.

At the time, a second suspect, a 32-year-old man that drove the first man to the casino fled the scene but the PJ detained him at a takeaway drinks store where he is now working the following day.

To the PJ the first suspect said that he did not know that the chip was false, claiming to have found it lost in the street.

The second suspect told the PJ a very different story, saying that the first suspected had lured him to help to exchange the chip, offering him a reward of HKD10,000.

The PJ later found out that the two men were friends and that they were former staff members at a casino VIP room, a reason that led them to believe that they had plenty of knowledge to understand that the chip was a forgery. The PJ also believes that they were acting together to attempt to defraud the casino of HKD100,000. RM

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