FSS reminds employers to pay contributions

The Social Security Fund (FSS) reminds employers to pay mandatory system contributions for their local long-term employees for the fourth quarter of 2021. In addition, arbitrary system beneficiaries can pay their contributions in January. The FSS calls on employers and arbitrary system beneficiaries to use electronic payment channels as much as possible. If there were no changes to local long-term employees during the quarter, payments can also be made at the Municipal Affairs Bureau’s Public Services Centres and sub-stations, or at the payment counters of designated banks.

General Ye Ting’s Former Residence to host theater play

The theatre production Back Home, part of the 21st Macao City Fringe Festival organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, will be staged at General Ye Ting’s Former Residence, which will close in preparation today and for the weekend, remaining open tomorrow. Back Home is from the Edinburgh Fringe Showcase and is a participatory performance, transporting the audience to Wuhan after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus two years ago. The audience will play roles and tell stories of returning home and facing the unexpected future, presenting the charm of the theatre. 

UM, Alibaba Dharma Academy win prizes at translation competition

The Natural Language Processing & Portuguese-Chinese Machine Translation Laboratory (NLP2CT), part of the University of Macau’s Faculty of Science and Technology, participated in the Metrics Shared Task at the Sixth Conference on Machine Translation with the translation team from Alibaba Dharma Academy. They won first prize in five of the eight automatic translation quality tests, as well as two second prizes and one fifth prize, outperforming competitors such as Google and Unbabel.

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